Mobile and Web Applications

We are specialized in offering solutions through the construction of the simplest to the most complex business management systems for Web and Mobile (iOS and Android platforms)

Design Clean and Efficient Code

Simplicity, ease of use and high performance are qualities we cherish to improve the user experience.

Cloud Computing

Our applications can be run on the server of your company or Cloud servers.


Highly configurable, our applications seek to meet the needs of any segment and size.


We offer a complete business platform composed of 12 systems that allow a view 360 of the company's business. You have to determine the business strategy. Building tactic to run and control all of the company's business operating.


Sales Force Automation. Order, Inventory Consult, Discount Rules, Commercial Approval, Send Order by e-mail to Customer and Integration with ERP.


Customer Relationship Management is a multi-channel application that allows online collaboration designed to meet the client at all contact points open to the relationship.


"If you can not measure, you can not manage. "Peter Druker. The Executive Cockpit is an innovative way of presenting indicators for executives and increase collaborative intelligence teams Management.


Provides a clear view of the sales results of your company, comparing product category, customer, branch, period, product, State and seller. The architecture allows for a greater depth of vision, which leads to an increase in sales efficiency of management.


Workflow is a collection of tasks arranged to perform a process almost always business. These tasks can be executed by one or more computer systems on one or more human agents, or a combination thereof.


Enables Service Delivery Contract Drafting, where the user can manage the renovations Controls Contract, Attach Documents to Contracts, identify SLA Contract Object, Generate Integration with ERP Billing Orders.


Allows you to manage all the Telemarketing sector of your company, assign mailings, view appointments, monitor history of each service, see the Telemarketing calls that generated a visit and refused contacts.


Allows the recording of quotations, estimates and / or sales orders, registering these operations automatically as an event in the customer relationship history, allowing you to view quotations, estimates and / or previous orders.


Allows the company to increase the productivity of your technical support staff, reducing operating costs due to the control of guarantees and the inventory control of spare parts.


Integrated with your ERP SYSTEM generates automatically Customers for collections agendas that are past due on Bonds. Using the Tools X Results Action of the OASIS SYSTEM BPM WORKFLOW Activities can manage the entire process performed by operators of collections.


Allows you to manage the phases and tasks of their projects with details of planned hours and performed in real time.


It is a case tool for creating Web systems with high productivity, menus, entries, sub-entries, reports, charts, research integrated into a easy to maintain metadata.



The OASIS LIVE is a complete business platform composed of 12 systems that allow a view 360 of the company's business. You have to determine the business strategy. Building tactic to run and control all of the company's business operating.

Request a Presentation

More than applications, we offer advice to meet the needs of your company.


Our mission is to "Generate technology products and services to help our customers to continuously improve their processes, thus enabling them to become more competitive."

Software Factory

Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android platforms) and Web. Quality in the development of information systems. Using the internet as a platform for integrating their supply chains, companies become more competitive costs and reduced time and better interaction with their audiences. The i-Partner Development team when necessary customizes your applications combining Web to databases of organizations as a means to integrate its supply chain.

Consulting Process

With the know-how acquired over many years, i-Partner is today, and Developer, an integrated Enterprise Systems and Consulting Specialized in Continuous Process Improvement.

Training, Support and Integration with legacy systems

Based on established concepts such as PMBOK-Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMI-Project Management Institute) and CMMI-Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI-Software Engineering Institute), i-Partner methodology provides our consultants the right tools for the correct execution work, from defining the scope and business justification to training, support and monitoring.

Success Cases

  • We can say that in three years we tripled our operating capacity using the Oasis

    (CRM e BPM) - Sergio Maia, CIO BySoft

  • Through the Cockpit Management have a clear and objective view of the progress of the company, minute by minute, which allows us to decision making based on facts and indicators.

    (CRM, SFA, BPM e Cockpit) - João Viveiros, CEO Vogler

  • The system developed by i-Partner added value permanently to the Bureau Veritas process.

    (Software Factory) - Francisco Nogueira, Technical Manager of Bureau Veritas Certification